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First let me thank you for taking the time to visit and find out more about our Cinematic Wedding video services and
solutions. Our services currently only include the Denver and the front range region however, we can travel to other
states for an additional fee. Please feel free to view our wedding demos and contact us for a sit down consultation

Our primary goal is to create a cinematic movie of all the marvelous events that happen to you on and during your
wedding day. Your wondrous Wedding movies will be presented in two different versions on DVD and VHS. The first
version is a short feature about 20 to 30 minutes in length which presents the day from beginning to end (see
packages below for details) in pure cinematic expression. The second version will present the entire wedding with
a cinematic flare but extended in length to include all the imagery we capture on film. We also offer several
additional services with our wedding packages (including photography services and High Definition video). Please
contact us for  pricing, available dates, and other questions. Please see our package lists below for details:   
Bronze package pricing for

Standard definition package

High definition
package price:
Above is a low resolution Demo video clip
from a cinematic Wedding preceremony video
we produced. Your wedding will be high
resolution video.
Silver package pricing for

Standard definition package

High definition
package price:
We recommend you contact us at
lest 5-6 months before your planned
Wedding to reserve a date. We do
require a 25% non-refundable
deposit to reserve the date of the
Wedding for you. We accept check,
money order, cash, visa, and
mastercard with our paypal account.
Please allow us 4 to 12 weeks to
complete you production.
Gold package pricing for

Standard definition package

High definition
package price:
(excludes combined cinematic Wedding
videography and Photography packag
Along with our 4 different
wedding packages we also offer
tape only weddings. A tape only
wedding is where we film your
entire ceremony and/or reception
and you edit it yourself or have a
third party edit your wedding. We
only recommend this for other
videographers or the extreme do
it yourselfer.
PLATINUM package pricing
for 2007:

Standard definition package

High definition
package price:
N/A in 2006
Are you trying and trying to
book a videographer at the last
minute before your wedding
but all the available dates are
gone! Well give us a call we
still have dates available for
Spring, Summer, and Fall of
* Blu-Ray/or HD-DVD disc work-service certificates are currently given to clients until Blu-ray players and recorder are
available to the public. When Apsolon Productions becomes Blu-ray recording capable we will exchange the Blu-ray
work-service certificate for the number of Blu-ray disc copies you are guaranteed in your contact with us. Standard definition
DVD copies are given out immediately as per contract time states. (4 to 8 weeks)
We also offer a full service package that includes our cinematic Wedding videography services with photography services. We
currently offer all of our Cinematic Wedding packages with full service photography. We have two photographers available that
offer complete photography sets. Their photography services are bundled with our cinematic Wedding video packages for one
price for all services. Please contact us for bundle package rates and please visit their websites below be clicking their link.

This section of our website is to cover some of the basic questions that we are asked about our cinematic wedding services. First
let me start with the basics about how we want to create a wondrous and magically video for you. We are as non-intrusive as
possible when recording your special day in our cinematic style. We believe in walking you through all the steps of producing your
wedding cinematic event and showing you how we do what we do and what we will need from you. Don't be surprised if we need a
little acting from you in order to produce a great  video. We do not out source videographers like other video production companies
do in Colorado. Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about our services. Please feel free to contact us, if you have
any others or if you would like to reserve a date with us.

How much do you charge for your Cinematic Wedding Video packages?

Our Cinematic Wedding prices range from around $1000 to $4000. This price depends on the package, if you want High definition
or Standard Definition, Additional services, etc. Our prices are about average in the Denver market and we take pride in the quality
of our work. In order to find the best cinematic package for your budget and additional service prices please call us. We are happy
to answer any of your questions.

Do you charge extra for Weddings outside of Denver Colorado?

Our package prices are for weddings located within 50 miles of Denver. We do charge an additional $175 for weddings outside of
the 50 mile range and for each additional 50 miles from the city of Denver.

When should I make a reservation to have you film our Wedding?

We recommend you make your reservation for our services at lest 5-6 months before your wedding, but you may want to book with
us as soon as possible because reservation dates are first come first serve bases. If you are planning the wedding even sooner,
please call us anyway we may have a scheduling date available.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit in order to reserve the date for filming your wedding.

What is the difference between High Definition and Standard Definition? Which is Better?

Image your television has dozens of lines going horizontally across the TV screen. The amount of lines determines how sharp and
clear the picture is to the person viewing it. The common television which is a square TV thats been around in homes for years and
years has only 480 lines going across the television screen. The older TV's with 480 lines horizontally are called "Standard
definition" or sometimes it is abbreviated as "SD". The newer televisions (HDTV's) that are more rectangular 16:9 movie theater
shape and have just been around for a few years have 1080 lines horizontally and have a very sharp and clear picture. The newer
televisions with 1080 lines Horizontally are called "High Definition" or abbreviated as "HD". The better choice is high definition for a
clearer sharper TV picture and the HD format will be around for a very long time. Eventually HD will replace all SD but it probably
will not happen for several more years to come.  

How long will it take before our Wedding DVD, VHS, and/or Blu-Ray HD disc will be delivered to us?

It normally takes us about 4 to 12 weeks to fully produce and have your DVD and VHS copies ready. We should have Blu-ray discs
for HD BD players by the middle to late 2006, until then we are offering a HD blu-ray certificate which will be exchanged for Blu-ray
HD discs at the time we have Blu-ray recording high definition capability, Standard definition DVD's which are included in the HD
packages are delivered in the normally allotted time of 4 to 12 weeks.

Do you attend the rehearsal dinner?

We do attend the rehearsal dinner, in order to better understand how your ceremony will be presented. This will help us for camera
setup, audio, and a wide range of other things.

                                        CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND RESERVATIONS
                                               E-mail: info@APSOLONPRODUCTIONS.COM
                                                         Phone: 720-837-6565

Above is a low resolution Quicktime Demo
video clip from a cinematic Wedding highlight
video we produced. Your wedding will be high
resolution video with no video watermark.
Don't have Quicktime click here to download it
for free!