APSOLON Productions
Licensing agreement
for HD3 Series Stock Footage

Apsolon Productions (Mark Manning) licenses the contents of HD3 series HDV stock footage to the original
purchaser only, to use in their multimedia, film, commercial, and/or any type of broadcast or non-broadcast
production(s). This license permits unlimited usage with no other compensation or royalties due to Apsolon
Productions (Mark Manning) for use of these video clips in multimedia productions. Apsolon Productions (Mark
Manning) retains full ownership of all the video footage within the Volumes. No copying, giving, duplication, reselling,
transferring, renting, or trading in part or in whole is permitted and will be strictly enforced by copyright law. This
contract does not sell the contents of the DVD-ROMS; it only licenses the original purchaser to use it in their video
productions broadcast and non-broadcast. If you have any questions regarding this contract please e-mail Mark
Manning at info@apsolonproductions.com